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Letter for Myself

I wrote this letter and messages for myself, during the time when i was having a tough time and i can't find anyone to open up to. I was trying to encourage myself because i felt like i made a big mistake by disrespecting a person i looked up to as someone i regard as one of a very good example that i will follow. Written : July 15, 2015 - 5:50PM Be careful of what you will do today. There is still tomorrow. Whatever you do today, it'll make you the impression of tomorrow. To avoid being humiliated and embarrassed, learn to hold your emotions specially your anger. If you were rejected, it's okay. Don't hold back from the people who rejects you. There is still tomorrow. Learn from your...

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My Journal

It has been quite a while. I've been busy doing lots of stuff. I got lot of things in my head to do but sometimes, time constraints. Still adjusting with my motherhood thingy, being a wife and a full time employee. Sometimes, it's tiring. I haven't had enough sleep for a long time. And few months ago, I suffered from a terrible headache then some discomforts. The medicines I take didn't work for me and that made me visit hospital oftentimes. I still have 1 appointment that I didn't attend to because they cannot trace the causes of my discomforts and pains anyway. I stop taking the medicines and just let this thing come and go up to this time but God is sustaining...

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The truth in the Bible

I've been thinking about this and thought of some members of my family who are struggling about this matter. I love my family. And as a woman with a Christian faith, i should remind them. While the world accepts homosexuality as a normal thing in this generation, we should be reminded that the Bible clearly stated – God created Adam and Eve.  Matthew 19:4-5, Jesus reaffirms this: "He answered, ‘Have you not read that he who made them from the beginning made them male and female,’ and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one’? God is  perfect. He didn't...

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Few more days and i will be a certified mother. I can't wait to see my baby. I am so excited!!! There's a joy in my heart that i can't describe. What i know is that i am happy.. very happy. I was married on December 8, 2012 and on February 3 this year, i found out i was pregnant. It wasn't easy but i thanked God for enabling me endure the difficulties of being pregnant by putting joy and excitement in my heart as i wait for the birth of the life He entrusted me. I'm so thankful and feel so blessed. There are trials, yes. But i have seen God's loving hands work all throughout. He is faithful. I can't thank Him enough. He blessed my job and i have seen His favor in everything that i do. He...

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I am 32 and pregnant with my first baby

I was having all these pains in my body for two weeks, so I decided to go for a check-up. I thought I got Urinary tract infection. The fact that I was just married last year of Dec. 8, 2012 will not give me an Idea that I am pregnant. I am irregular, so it didn’t bother me even when I missed my period for a month.  And at the same time, people have been telling that it’ll be difficult for a woman to bear a child when only get married at 30s. The doctor checked my urine, for infection and for some reasons that I don’t know, when I told the doctor that I missed my period for month of January, she also did pregnancy test,  my husband was there with me. At last,...

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Countdown begins

Counting the days.. Few more days and bye singleness.  Mix emotions. Excitement and fear. Excited of what'll going to happen on that day but also afraid of what life awaits after. Will it be like the ending of every fairy tale stories, -.. and they lived happily ever after? I know it's not! There will be mountains like turmoils, sorrows and of course there will also be happiness. And praying that whatever misunderstanding, we'll be facing we'll go back to the day where we both agree to live and be with each other's side in sickness, in health and for better or for worst.God will help.   

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